Introducing CyndiBands Holiday 2014 Collection

We are very excited to launch our new Holiday Collection.  This year our Holiday packaging is cuter than ever!  There’s a set for every style and taste.  Whether you like the vibrant holiday hues or prefer the traditional ones, there’s something for everyone!



A popular Holiday trend this year is vibrant hues of turquoise and red combined to create a modern yet sophisticated Holiday look.  Our Holiday collection features hair ties in this color combo with beautifully designed, matching packaging.

Annika 5 Pack of Hair Ties

Making its debut this year is our set Annika.  A set of six hair ties with 5 solid colors in Turquoise, Peacock, Light Silver, White, Red and an accent polka dot printed hair tie.



Holiday Gift Tags in Berry

Already a best seller on is our Berry set of five individually packaged gift tags.  These cute and adorable gift tags allow you to personalize your gift  in style while giving a sampler of our fabulous hair ties. For easy placement simply use the attached silver cord to tie or hang from a gift bow or gift bag.  Additional colors and styles  available.


 Christmas Ornament with Hair Ties in Joy

Welcome the holiday season with Joy, a clear,  plastic and re-usable  ornament.  Complete with six hair ties in printed and solid colors and closed off with a sheer, red bow.  Hang as decoration on your Christmas tree with the metallic silver cord.  Additional colors available.




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DIY: Locker Door Hair Tie Holder

Summer is sadly coming to an end, and the inevitable is just around the corner- going back to school. Beat the back to school blues and embrace it by creating a fun DIY back-to-school project.  Decorate your locker with this crafty DIY locker hair tie holder and look forward to the first day of school.

Locker Door Hair tie holder

Store your elastic hair ties in style with our mini paint tin.

What you’ll need: CyndiBands mini paint tin, Hot Glue Gun, Magnet

Step 1: Place a dot of glue to the back part of the magnet.

Step 2: Paste magnet to the back of the CyndiBands mini paint tin (make sure it is placed in the center for a better hold)

Step 3: You’re done! Stick in your locker and have a hair tie at your disposal anytime.


Quick Tip: If you use up all the hair ties inside, you can refill it with a new set from our extensive selection, or pick your own colors with our pick your colors set.


CyndiBands Florals

Floral prints: an ongoing trend that is sophisticated, modern and fresh.  Seen on items like dresses, purses, jeans and now even hair ties! Embrace your inner lady and shop our newest collection in vibrant hues and floral prints.



Florals are all about having fun.  Highlight and compliment them by limiting your outfit to neutral pieces and drawing the focus to where it matters: the print.


DIY: Flower Headband for Music Festivals


Red, White, & Blue

Red, White, & Blue

White ring

Valextra bracelet $455 –

Michael Kors watch

Gold bangle

Anchor jewelry

House of Harlow 1960 gold ring $76 –

Z Designs long necklace

Jane Norman gold jewelry $24 –

Crystal brooch

Crystal jewelry

#thickhairproblems: Curling Your hair

The Problem: Curling your hair

Time is of the essence and when you have thick hair you sometimes wish you had more time than hair.

Quick Solution: Pull your dry hair up into a high ponytail and curl 1″ sections with a curling wand.  After you have curled the whole ponytail release hair and reveal loose curls.  Re-curl sections surrounding your face for a finished look.   What could have taken you hours to do, just took a fraction of the time.  You are welcome.

 Tip: Use CyndiBands to hold your ponytail while curling your hair.  They are strong enough to keep your hair in place as you curl each section and unlike other hair bands, when you take your hair out of a ponytail there are no creases in your hair. Everyone will want to know your secret!

Ponytail Curls

CyndiBands Top 10 Best Sellers

When browsing through a new website, one of my favorite things to do is go through the best-sellers section.  I am a firm believer that there is a good reason an item becomes a best seller and I am always eager to figure it out.  For that reason, we have compiled a list of CyndiBands top 10 best sellers and the reasons we think they have become such favorites.

1. Brights– Mega Set of 19 Hair Ties

One of my personal favorites is this multi set of 19 hair ties.  It is composed of 14 bright colors and five coordinating polka dot and chevron print hair ties. The color selection makes you feel like you have all the beautiful colors of the rainbow and then some.


2. Pick Your Colors – Set of 6 Hair Ties

Customers love the ability to show their creativity, team spirit, and originality by creating custom sets of six hair ties. No two sets are alike and the possibilities are endless!



3. All Black– Set Of 6 All Black Hair Ties

There is something about the simplicity of this set that has made it a favorite.  You cannot go wrong with a set of all black hair ties.  They can be used everyday and they go well with any outfit.



4. Blonde– Set Of 6 Hair Ties

This set is perfect to match golden locks. Inspired with light hair in mind, this set includes shades like light cream and caramel. With the popularity of this set there is no doubt in my mind that blondes do have more fun!

Blonde Hair Ties

5. Sunray– Set Of 5 Hair Ties

This set is one of our best-selling sets on Amazon. It is so popular we can barely keep it in stock!  The neutral shades of solids and prints with a pop of color makes this set one of our customers’ favorites.


 6. Shadow– Arm Candy Set Of 3 Hair Ties

With the popularity of Arm Candy there is no doubt why this set has made it on our top 10 list. There is something about the combination of a solid color, a print and a glitter hair tie that makes this set the perfect accessory not only for your wrist but your hair as well.


 7. Favorites Paint Tin– 21 Solid Hair Ties & 2 Headbands

This adorable paint tin is called Favorites because it comes with our most popular colors and includes 21 hair ties and 2 headbands.  The colors are a variety of neutrals and brights and they come in a cute paint tin that can be used to store CyndiBands.


8. Essential– Set of 3 Headbands

Our basic colors always sell well and these headbands are the perfect example. This set of 3 headbands comes in black, charcoal and light silver. The perfect color trio to match any of your workout attire or casual wear.



 9. Aurora – Set of 6 Hair Ties

This monochromatic set of blues and greens has always been a favorite. There is something about the soothing blues and cool greens that has made this set one of our best sellers.


 10. Greys– Set Of 6 Hair Ties

Last but definitely not least is our Greys set. The ombre effect of this set of six hair ties has been a big hit!  You receive a basic black and white hair tie with an additional four shades of grey. These are perfect for bridal parties or simply to have for yourself.



10 Reasons Why People Love CyndiBands

CyndiBands elastic hair ties were an instant hit when they debuted in 2010.  We love when our customers tell us the why they love CyndiBands so we compiled a list of the 10 most popular reasons.

1 – CyndiBands Are Gentle On Hair

CyndiBands are an important part of any healthy hair ritual as the soft elastic will not snag or tear hair.  Give your hair a break from your everyday shampoo and blow dry routine and instead put your hair up with a CyndiBands hair tie. Want some ideas? Check out our Pinterest page for ideas on ponytailsbraids and up dos.

2 – No-Fray Ends

CyndiBands are manufactured in Los Angeles, California using a process that professionally heat seals the ends so they do not fray.   This gives you longer lasting hair ties that stay looking great after multiple uses.

3 – The Colors!

CyndiBands come in a wide array of colors and prints that simply make people look and feel happy. Match any color from your favorite outfit or pick a color that blends with your hair color. Feeling a little wild? CyndiBands also come in prints like zebra, polka dots and stripes.


4 – CyndiBands Do Not Leave a Big Dent

Traditional hair ties are notorious for the large crease they leave in hair even if it is only up for a short time. When you wear CyndiBands hair ties the dent is minimized and for some they leave no dent at all. CyndiBands hair ties for Thick Hair may leave a dent.

5 – Made In The USA

All CyndiBands hair ties and headbands are cut and hand tied in our Marina del Rey, California warehouse using imported fabric created just for CyndiBands.

6 – CyndiBands Can Be Worn As Bracelets

CyndiBands look stylish and cute when worn as bracelets.  You can accessorize and wear them as arm candy with your favorite watch or bracelets.  You will not only look stylish but you will have a hair tie when you need it the most.

7 – Headbands

Sometimes having a hair tie is simply not enough to hold your hair back. CyndiBands also makes headbands that are gentle on your hair and head. Wear just one or double them up to keep fly-aways in place.

CyndiBands headbands

8 – Create Your Own Sets

On we offer the ability to pick your own color combinations of hair ties and headbands.  You can choose any variety of colors and prints from our extensive list of options that changes seasonally.

9 – Versatile With Different Hair Types

People are often surprised how well CyndiBands work with any hair type – whether it be thick, thin, curly or straight.  If you have thick or demanding hair we suggest trying our stronger CyndiBands hair ties for Thick Hair.

10 – Stylish Personalized Packaging

Want a unique gift or party favor?  We can print your name, logo or custom message on our CyndiBands packaging or hair ties.  We also offer seasonal packs for holidays and birthdays.  See our custom print page for more information.