Cyndibands Easter Hair Ties

We are very excited to introduce our new Easter 2015 Hair Ties! We think this is our best collection ever and look for more stylish specialty sets coming soon.

Easter 2015 Hair Ties

Easter Hair Ties 6-Packs

We’ve updated our best-selling 6 packs with new Easter inspired designs that include baby chicks and spring flowers.  The Pascal set comes with beautiful blue and green hair ties while the Tulip set has all of our favorite pastel colors.

Easter 3 Packs

Our 3-packs of hair ties are popular gifts and for Easter we are offering the Inez set with blue and green hair ties and the Lilia set with bright periwinkle, coral and yellow colors. Both sets come on adorable Spring inspired packaging that are a great addition to any Easter basket.

Easter Single Packs

These are our absolute favorite because they are the perfect Easter gift!  This set of 6 individual packs of gentle elastic hair ties each come with a different Easter inspired design.  The hair ties are the perfect mix of Easter pastels and fun spring colors.

Shop Small with CyndiBands for Small Business Saturday

For the last four years, American Express has helped small businesses gain more customers by hosting Small Business Saturday.  The event kicks off the holiday season on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It encourages people across the country to shop at small businesses in your neighborhood.


Follow the steps below to join and support the movement on Saturday November 29th, 2014.

1. Register your American Express Credit Card. Registration is limited.  For more details see offer terms.

2. Shop at participating locations.  For a list of participants, visit

3. Receive a $10 credit on your statement when you spend $10 or more.

Remember you can repeat step 2 up to 3 times for a credit of $30!


CyndiBands is a small business in Marina Del Rey, CA that specializes in high quality elastic hair ties. Every hair tie is hand tied, cut and assembled by trained personnel.  They have worked with manufacturers to develop an elastic that is soft and gentle yet strong enough to hold a variety of hair types.  Their heat sealed ends, gives a longer lasting hair tie that stays looking great after multiple uses.

Begin your Holiday Shopping on and start crossing people off your list.  Browse their extensive collection of hair ties, headbands and perfect stocking stuffers!  Receive a FREE set of CyndiBands when you spend over $10 and use your registered American Express credit card.

5 Fun & Easy Workouts + Hairstyles

We get it, you are not a gym type of girl and neither are we, but who said you have to go to the gym to workout?  We looked for some alternatives and have discovered there are other ways to get your heart pumping outside of the gym.

Hula Hoop

Yes, you read it right, hula hoop.  Re-visit a childhood activity with a weighted hula hoop and hula your way into being fit.  All you need is a weighted hula hoop and your favorite TV show.  You can complete this activity in your living room or  your backyard.

Wear your hair with two side braids and a bun.  For a chic look and extra hold, layer CyndiBands headbands.


Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing class, a two in one kind of activity.  This high-energy workout will not only help you burn calories and fat, but you will brush up on your self-defense skills that can come in handy at any given moment.

Wear your hair in two boxer braids to keep away from your face.  Your focus will be on circuits and strengthening exercises instead of your hair.

BONUS! Look extra cute and match your CyndiBands hair ties to your outfit!




Wear your hair in a high ponytail and braid and take your cardio outside.  Yes, you can run at the gym on the treadmill but how boring is that?  Go for a jog around your neighborhood or at a nearby track. Not only is it refreshing, but you have the chance of meeting new people.



BONUS! Throw on a headband for extra hold.

Dance Class

With the rising popularity of Zumba, it is easier than ever to burn calories while learning new dance moves. A fun, high energy class that will help you burn up to 1,000 calories without realizing it! Too shy to attend a class? No worries, there are various DVDs available for purchase, so that you can do Zumba in the comfort of your home.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. For extra hold, layer two CyndiBands hair ties and use our Knot Trick for a tight fit that will last throughout your workout.




There are many benefits from doing Yoga and getting fit is just one of them.  Bored of the same Yoga class?  Stay engaged by trying different variations of Yoga that can provide a new experience each time.

To keep hair away from your face, wear your hair in this braided bun.





Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using CyndiBands

Halloween is only a few days away, if you have not yet thought of a costume to wear we have 3 easy last minute ideas.

Wednesday Addams

Part your hair down the middle and braid each section into pigtail braids. Finish the look off by securing the ends using a black CyndiBands hair tie.


Tip!  Wear foundation a few shades lighter than usual for a pale complexion.


One of the easiest and cutest costumes of all time has gotten an upgrade. Curl you hair into loose waves, and style with a CyndiBands headband.  For the ears, style your hair by following this tutorial.

Tip! Wear a black glitter headband for a touch of glimmer.



This trending make up style is so adorable I would wear it again for Christmas!  Wear a CyndiBands headband Bohemian style and glue small twig pieces on the sides to create the antlers.


CyndiBands Florals

Floral prints: an ongoing trend that is sophisticated, modern and fresh.  Seen on items like dresses, purses, jeans and now even hair ties! Embrace your inner lady and shop our newest collection in vibrant hues and floral prints.



Florals are all about having fun.  Highlight and compliment them by limiting your outfit to neutral pieces and drawing the focus to where it matters: the print.


DIY: Flower Headband for Music Festivals


CyndiBands Personalized 3 Packs- Wedding Edition

Weddings.  An experience, every little girl dreams of, and every father dreads. The day when two people become one, families are united, and people celebrate the love and union of two people in love.


Here at CyndiBands, we love everything about weddings from the colors to all the planning that come with it. Now, with our personalized packs, you can do anything from announcing your big day to thanking your guests; the possibilities are endless.

We recently received a custom order with personalized packaging, and coordinated colors for a wedding. The result was so cute we had to share with everyone!


With our personalized 3 packs, you have up to 19 characters for personalized text and a wide selection of solid color hair ties.


CyndiBands are a great gift for bridesmaids.  Whether it’s a one-pack, three-pack or a whole set of six! We have the perfect quantity and style for your special day.



CyndiBands Set of 10 Hair Ties Individually Packaged



 DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit featuring our 10 Single Packs.


Fun Fact: Did you know?  In many cultures around the world — including Celtic, Hindu and Egyptian weddings — the hands of a bride and groom are literally tied together to demonstrate the couple’s commitment to each other and their new bond as a married couple (giving us the popular phrase “tying the knot”).

Read More Wedding Traditions and Superstitions on The Knot


Featured Retailer: RUTHIE Box

No matter where you are nothing says, “I love you” more than a care package.  With social media at its peak, the classic way of communicating has gone out the door.  Hardly anyone writes letters to each other, and all you seem to receive in the mail are bills and junk mail.  Brighten up a special someone’s day by sending them a care package with RUTHIE box!

Ruthie box is a care package company that sends out high quality items in cute packaging.  Each box includes a personalized card for any occasion, whether that someone is having a bad day, going through a breakup or simply to say I MISS YOU!


How it works:

1. Think of someone that is having a birthday or any other memorable moment in their life

2. Go to and select one of their two packages (read Below for package info)

3.  Fill out order information

4. Wait for a phone call, email or letter of gratitude from the person whom you just made their day!

About the Care Package

There are two different care packages you can select from, and  even though every package has the same 5 items, no two packages are alike.  Each one is unique and special. You will not know what items it contains until the day it arrives: SURPRISE!

The ‘go to’ box


A bar of chocolate- Hand Crafted chocolate bar from the Mast Brothers

A set of 3 CyndiBands Hair Ties- Elastic hair ties that will not pull or snag your hair.

Rosebud Salve Lip Balm- A multi-purpose lip balm that soothes dry lips & skin.

Lucky Feather Necklace- Trendy Necklace that is meant to be given with inspirational words and thoughts

Coffee Mug Designed in France

The ‘deluxe’ box


2 bars of chocolate

3 pack of Rosebud Lip Balm in a vintage case

2 sets of 3 CyndiBands Hair Ties

Lucky Feather Necklace

Coffee Mug






“CyndiBands has been a perfect fit for Ruthie box. The bands are an essential go to item that are high quality and have the cutest and latest styles. My customers love them!” -Cindy B, Ruthie Box owner