5 Fun & Easy Workouts + Hairstyles

We get it, you are not a gym type of girl and neither are we, but who said you have to go to the gym to workout?  We looked for some alternatives and have discovered there are other ways to get your heart pumping outside of the gym.

Hula Hoop

Yes, you read it right, hula hoop.  Re-visit a childhood activity with a weighted hula hoop and hula your way into being fit.  All you need is a weighted hula hoop and your favorite TV show.  You can complete this activity in your living room or  your backyard.

Wear your hair with two side braids and a bun.  For a chic look and extra hold, layer CyndiBands headbands.


Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing class, a two in one kind of activity.  This high-energy workout will not only help you burn calories and fat, but you will brush up on your self-defense skills that can come in handy at any given moment.

Wear your hair in two boxer braids to keep away from your face.  Your focus will be on circuits and strengthening exercises instead of your hair.

BONUS! Look extra cute and match your CyndiBands hair ties to your outfit!




Wear your hair in a high ponytail and braid and take your cardio outside.  Yes, you can run at the gym on the treadmill but how boring is that?  Go for a jog around your neighborhood or at a nearby track. Not only is it refreshing, but you have the chance of meeting new people.



BONUS! Throw on a headband for extra hold.

Dance Class

With the rising popularity of Zumba, it is easier than ever to burn calories while learning new dance moves. A fun, high energy class that will help you burn up to 1,000 calories without realizing it! Too shy to attend a class? No worries, there are various DVDs available for purchase, so that you can do Zumba in the comfort of your home.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. For extra hold, layer two CyndiBands hair ties and use our Knot Trick for a tight fit that will last throughout your workout.




There are many benefits from doing Yoga and getting fit is just one of them.  Bored of the same Yoga class?  Stay engaged by trying different variations of Yoga that can provide a new experience each time.

To keep hair away from your face, wear your hair in this braided bun.





Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using CyndiBands

Halloween is only a few days away, if you have not yet thought of a costume to wear we have 3 easy last minute ideas.

Wednesday Addams

Part your hair down the middle and braid each section into pigtail braids. Finish the look off by securing the ends using a black CyndiBands hair tie.


Tip!  Wear foundation a few shades lighter than usual for a pale complexion.


One of the easiest and cutest costumes of all time has gotten an upgrade. Curl you hair into loose waves, and style with a CyndiBands headband.  For the ears, style your hair by following this tutorial.

Tip! Wear a black glitter headband for a touch of glimmer.



This trending make up style is so adorable I would wear it again for Christmas!  Wear a CyndiBands headband Bohemian style and glue small twig pieces on the sides to create the antlers.


How To: Bohemian Style Curls and Glitter Headband

Headbands and curls  go together like two peas in a pod; they are so perfect for each other it is unbearable.  Together they form this Bohemian style that is not only easy to achieve, but looks great on everyone!   Get the look in just a few simple steps.

1.  Section hair and curl away from your face with a curling wand like the T3 Whirl Wand.

2. For a relaxed and tousled look, brush through curls with your fingers.

3. To keep hair from looking piecey, tease the ends with simple brush strokes going upward.

4. Complete the look by adding a CyndiBands glitter headband or two for a fun layered look.



Get double the glitz by wrapping a headband around your wrist.

LayeredGlitterHB Bohemian1

DIY: Locker Door Hair Tie Holder

Summer is sadly coming to an end, and the inevitable is just around the corner- going back to school. Beat the back to school blues and embrace it by creating a fun DIY back-to-school project.  Decorate your locker with this crafty DIY locker hair tie holder and look forward to the first day of school.

Locker Door Hair tie holder

Store your elastic hair ties in style with our mini paint tin.

What you’ll need: CyndiBands mini paint tin, Hot Glue Gun, Magnet

Step 1: Place a dot of glue to the back part of the magnet.

Step 2: Paste magnet to the back of the CyndiBands mini paint tin (make sure it is placed in the center for a better hold)

Step 3: You’re done! Stick in your locker and have a hair tie at your disposal anytime.


Quick Tip: If you use up all the hair ties inside, you can refill it with a new set from our extensive selection, or pick your own colors with our pick your colors set.


CyndiBands Florals

Floral prints: an ongoing trend that is sophisticated, modern and fresh.  Seen on items like dresses, purses, jeans and now even hair ties! Embrace your inner lady and shop our newest collection in vibrant hues and floral prints.



Florals are all about having fun.  Highlight and compliment them by limiting your outfit to neutral pieces and drawing the focus to where it matters: the print.


DIY: Flower Headband for Music Festivals


CyndiBands Birthday Sets

Add some cheer to a friend or loved one by sending them birthday wishes with one of our four-birthday gift sets.  Adorned with special birthday packaging and color coordinated hair ties.  Not only will you make their birthday extra special, but they will remember you each time they wear their hair tie!  It’s a win-win.


For the One Who Loves Pink!

There is always that one friend that adores the color pink.  Make her day extra special and show her how much you care with this set of six-hair ties in different hues of pink.



For the Cotton Candy Enthusiast.

Let’s admit it, we all love sugar!  Give your friend a sugar rush with our birthday set in cotton candy inspired colors and chevron print packaging.




For the Polka-Dot Lover!

The simple and timeless style of polka dots is one never to go out of style!  Enchant your friend or loved one’s day with this popular set of hair ties in shades of blues with a pop of purple in our adorable tonal polka dot packaging.



For the Neutral Gal.

Last but not least we have our Happy Birthday set in classic colors Black & White.  This set is perfect for any friend.  The classic colors make this set so versatile it can be gifted to anyone of your friends or family.


For Any Occasion.

If you want to brighten someone’s day on a day other than their birthday, we also have a generic set of hair ties in cute gift card packaging.  The set comes with six bright and fun colors with a To and From field that can be personalized and gifted for any occasion.


Place your order online at CyndiBands.com and include a gift card with a personalized message!  Have the item shipped directly to the recipient for an added surprise in their mailbox!

Sets also available on Amazon.com.

CyndiBands Personalized 3 Packs- Wedding Edition

Weddings.  An experience, every little girl dreams of, and every father dreads. The day when two people become one, families are united, and people celebrate the love and union of two people in love.


Here at CyndiBands, we love everything about weddings from the colors to all the planning that come with it. Now, with our personalized packs, you can do anything from announcing your big day to thanking your guests; the possibilities are endless.

We recently received a custom order with personalized packaging, and coordinated colors for a wedding. The result was so cute we had to share with everyone!


With our personalized 3 packs, you have up to 19 characters for personalized text and a wide selection of solid color hair ties.


CyndiBands are a great gift for bridesmaids.  Whether it’s a one-pack, three-pack or a whole set of six! We have the perfect quantity and style for your special day.



CyndiBands Set of 10 Hair Ties Individually Packaged



 DIY Bachelorette Survival Kit featuring our 10 Single Packs.


Fun Fact: Did you know?  In many cultures around the world — including Celtic, Hindu and Egyptian weddings — the hands of a bride and groom are literally tied together to demonstrate the couple’s commitment to each other and their new bond as a married couple (giving us the popular phrase “tying the knot”).

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