My Curly Hair Diaries: 3 Steps to Healthier Curly Hair

I recently embarked on a new hair adventure in which I seek to learn about my hair type.  I have had curly hair my whole life and at times it is very difficult to embrace it because of its unknown characteristics and way of behaving.  I thought I was alone in my adventure, but as it turns out there’s a high percentage of women that also have curly hair.   This is the first of a series of blogs I will be presenting in my journey of discovery for healthy curls.

My Journey began when I ran into a blog post from A.Steed’s Life titled Curly Girl Method- Before and After.  In her posts, she discusses the curly girl method as it is introduced to her in The Curly Girl Handbook.  She explains the curly girl method and the steps required to “detox” curly hair from the harsh chemicals found in shampoos.  I was intrigued by the valuable information found in the book so; I proceeded to purchase it, and my adventure began.  I changed my routine and followed the steps below as explained thoroughly in the book.


I. Wash Hair With Only Conditioner

The first step of my trial began with me washing my hair with only conditioner.   According to this book, the sulfates found in shampoos are very harsh for your hair.   The no-poo (no shampoo) method is a way of restoring your hair from all the harsh chemicals.

My Experience: Because my hair felt odd after not using shampoo, I opted for the sulfate-free shampoo instead (also an option in the no-poo challenge).  I used Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo and so far the result has been great.  My hair feels soft, and the curls are starting to redefine.


Aveeno Shampoo

II. Dry Your Hair with a T-shirt

I know what you might be thinking with this step.  Really?  An old T-shirt?  How?  Why?  Bare with me.  When I first heard of this, I thought it was absurd.  How will drying my hair with a T-shirt benefit my hair?!  Believe it or not drying your hair with a T-shirt helps prevent frizz.  When rubbing your hair dry with a towel, you cause frizz and hair damage.

My Experience: I noticed a change almost immediately.  My hair had less frizz and did not look dry and brittle at the ends.  When I used a towel to dry my hair, my ends would dry up quickly and look brittle with a wire like texture (not cute).  My hair now dries evenly and with just the right amount of water needed to style with gel.

T shirt

III. Use fingers to untangle wet hair

In the book, it explains how using only your fingers help minimize hair breakage.   Your hair is most fragile when wet, therefore, extra precaution must be taken to avoid causing more damage.  It felt odd to untangle my hair with just my fingers, but I did it anyway.  I applied leave-in conditioner to help with the process, but it still took me longer than expected.

My Experience: I used only my fingers to untangle my hair after the first wash.  When I washed my hair again,  I had a very difficult time untangling it.  My hair was more tangled than usual (I did not know this was even possible), so back to using my wide tooth comb I went.


I have been following the steps above for about three weeks now (half way through the six week challenge).  The difference in my hair is still not noticeable to others, but it feels and looks a lot healthier to me.  Before,  the ends of my waist length hair looked brittle, straight and unhealthy.  I would style my hair in the morning and it would look fine, but by the end of the day my hair was a frizz ball! Some sections would be curly, and others would be straight.  I am still in the process, but so far I am very happy with the results.


#thickhairproblems: Hair Tie Gets Loose

The Problem:

Your hair tie becomes loose and won’t keep your hair up. A high bun ends up being a low bun by the end of the day.

Quick Solution: 

Use our Knot Trick with a CyndiBands hair tie.  We all know it is literally impossible to get a hair tie to go around thick hair more than twice.  For that reason, I use the The Knot Trick.    After you have wrapped your hair tie twice around your hair,  pull the hair tie as if you were to wrap it around your hair again.  Then instead of pulling your hair through, loop the extra elastic around the knot.  This keeps your ponytail tighter and helps it stay up the rest of the day or during a workout.


For extra hold and a no budge ponytail, try using two hair ties.  This doubles up the hold and ensures your thick hair stays in place!


#thickhairproblems: Curling Your hair

The Problem: Curling your hair

Time is of the essence and when you have thick hair you sometimes wish you had more time than hair.

Quick Solution: Pull your dry hair up into a high ponytail and curl 1″ sections with a curling wand.  After you have curled the whole ponytail release hair and reveal loose curls.  Re-curl sections surrounding your face for a finished look.   What could have taken you hours to do, just took a fraction of the time.  You are welcome.

 Tip: Use CyndiBands to hold your ponytail while curling your hair.  They are strong enough to keep your hair in place as you curl each section and unlike other hair bands, when you take your hair out of a ponytail there are no creases in your hair. Everyone will want to know your secret!

Ponytail Curls

Review: T3 SinglePass X Iron for demanding hair

Last week we had the privilege of testing the T3 SinglePass X 1.5″ Professional Straightening and Styling Iron and we are hooked! This straightening iron was created with demanding hair in mind, and it passed all of our tests.


Marketing Intern
Thick, medium length hair

They say we always want what we don’t have.  I can attest to this statement when it comes to my hair.  I was born with a mixture of my Dad’s course hair and my Mom’s curly hair and got a frizzy mess.  Luckily I live in a generation of products and tools that help me tame my unruly hair but it doesn’t come without a price.  For Christmas a number of years ago I received my first straightener and my life changed.  I was finally able to wear my hair down without it turning into a mini afro but I could only straighten it the day after showering to keep the strands from frizzing up and it took 4o minutes to an hour each time.

After getting the chance to try the T3 SinglePass Iron I was amazed to find that I could straighten my hair immediately after blow drying and my hair was left silky smooth.  I also only needed to straighten each section of my hair one time as opposed to my regular straightener that had me straightening each section three to four times.  This cut down my actually straightening time to 25 minutes, less than half the amount of time I am used to!  My absolute favorite part about the T3 Single Pass Iron is that it gave my hair a beautiful shine when I was finished, no spray was necessary.

It’s safe to say that when I’m ready to buy a new straightener I know exactly which one I’m choosing, the T3 SinglePass X Iron!


To show the difference, Audrey straightened only the right side of her hair with the T3 SinglePass X.

Customer Service
Long, thick, curly hair

Where do I even begin?  I absolutely LOVE everything about this hair straightener.  Targeting demanding hair is just genius and I cannot believe someone has not done it before.  My hair has never looked so good!  It wasn’t just obvious to me, but to anyone I came in contact with.  My waist length hair felt like I was wearing hair extensions and it looked so shiny and healthy, I was even having a hard time believing it was my very own.  It was literally an AAHH moment when I turned it on.  My whole hair took only half an hour to straighten. That time should go on the Guinness world record for fastest time straightening long, thick, curly hair.  The best part about it? I did not have to put any additional products to prevent frizziness!  My hair was naturally sleek and shiny!  Oh and how can I forget to mention the awesome alligator clips that are included?!  They have such a strong grip it made straightening my hair that much easier.

I give this straightener two thumbs up and a full five stars for accomplishing what other hair straighteners have not.

The alligator clips that come with the T3 SinglePass X are amazing.

The alligator clips that come with the T3 SinglePass X were even impressive and held tightly.

How To: The Knot Trick

If you want a high ponytail and your CyndiBands hair tie isn’t quite tight enough, we suggest you use the Knot Trick.  This is our favorite tip to keep your ponytail tight and secure without breaking your hair tie.

Follow these simple steps

1. Start with the knot at the bottom

2. Twist a CyndiBands hair tie around your ponytail  as many times as you can

3. If your hair tie is still loose then twist one more time and loop around the knot

4. Finish off by pulling the knot

Knot Trick

Voila! You have a ponytail that will last you all day!

Please Note:  A dent may be left when using this method due to the added tightness of the hair tie.

For a detailed tutorial, view Audrey’s how to video below:

Introducing- CyndiBands Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Our excitement cannot be contained, the idea is surreal but the day is finally here! Introducing…

CyndiBands hair ties for thick hair

Thick Hair Hair Ties

Very similar in style to our original CyndiBands hair ties, but with the advantages of a stronger hold, stiffer fabric and defined texture for less slipping, our new hair ties are designed with thick hair in mind.  These hair ties are tough and strong to uphold rebellious, hard to manage, uncontrollable hair.

Do any of these #thickhairproblems sound familar?

  • No need for a sock in your bun
  • Hair ties often break
  • Takes hours to dry your hair
  • Difficult to untangle
  • Need more than one hair tie to hold a ponytail
  • Cannot skip conditioner
  • Capable of breaking a brush

If so then these are the hair ties for you! Look for the Thick Hair packaging and try out a set today.


The truth is anyone can wear these CyndiBands hair ties.  You don’t necessarily need hard to manage hair to enjoy one.  Throw one on during an intense workout for extra hold.

If thick hair is not something you deal with, opt for our original All Black set.  Equally magnificent and made from softer elastic for a gentle hold that won’t snag or damage your hair.

#thickhairproblems: It Takes Forever to Dry Your Hair

The Problem:  The amount of time your hair takes to dry.

If you have thick hair you are well aware it is impossible to go to sleep with wet hair and wake up with it dry in the morning.   Air drying your hair can take hours!  Help speed up the process by using a good hairdryer.

Quick Solution:  Do your arms ever hurt because it takes so long to blow dry your hair?  Invest in a good hair dryer, and leave the arm workout for the gym.  The best purchase I made last year was my T3 Featherweight Luxe Hair Dryer.   Like the name states, it is a lightweight hair dryer that is not hard on your arms and cuts the drying time to less than half.  I’m not kidding!  What use to take almost two hours now only takes me one!  For curly hair,  I recommend using a diffuser.   It cuts down on frizz and leaves hair with natural, healthy curls.