5 Fun & Easy Workouts + Hairstyles

We get it, you are not a gym type of girl and neither are we, but who said you have to go to the gym to workout?  We looked for some alternatives and have discovered there are other ways to get your heart pumping outside of the gym.

Hula Hoop

Yes, you read it right, hula hoop.  Re-visit a childhood activity with a weighted hula hoop and hula your way into being fit.  All you need is a weighted hula hoop and your favorite TV show.  You can complete this activity in your living room or  your backyard.

Wear your hair with two side braids and a bun.  For a chic look and extra hold, layer CyndiBands headbands.


Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing class, a two in one kind of activity.  This high-energy workout will not only help you burn calories and fat, but you will brush up on your self-defense skills that can come in handy at any given moment.

Wear your hair in two boxer braids to keep away from your face.  Your focus will be on circuits and strengthening exercises instead of your hair.

BONUS! Look extra cute and match your CyndiBands hair ties to your outfit!




Wear your hair in a high ponytail and braid and take your cardio outside.  Yes, you can run at the gym on the treadmill but how boring is that?  Go for a jog around your neighborhood or at a nearby track. Not only is it refreshing, but you have the chance of meeting new people.



BONUS! Throw on a headband for extra hold.

Dance Class

With the rising popularity of Zumba, it is easier than ever to burn calories while learning new dance moves. A fun, high energy class that will help you burn up to 1,000 calories without realizing it! Too shy to attend a class? No worries, there are various DVDs available for purchase, so that you can do Zumba in the comfort of your home.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. For extra hold, layer two CyndiBands hair ties and use our Knot Trick for a tight fit that will last throughout your workout.




There are many benefits from doing Yoga and getting fit is just one of them.  Bored of the same Yoga class?  Stay engaged by trying different variations of Yoga that can provide a new experience each time.

To keep hair away from your face, wear your hair in this braided bun.





Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Using CyndiBands

Halloween is only a few days away, if you have not yet thought of a costume to wear we have 3 easy last minute ideas.

Wednesday Addams

Part your hair down the middle and braid each section into pigtail braids. Finish the look off by securing the ends using a black CyndiBands hair tie.


Tip!  Wear foundation a few shades lighter than usual for a pale complexion.


One of the easiest and cutest costumes of all time has gotten an upgrade. Curl you hair into loose waves, and style with a CyndiBands headband.  For the ears, style your hair by following this tutorial.

Tip! Wear a black glitter headband for a touch of glimmer.



This trending make up style is so adorable I would wear it again for Christmas!  Wear a CyndiBands headband Bohemian style and glue small twig pieces on the sides to create the antlers.


How To: Bohemian Style Curls and Glitter Headband

Headbands and curls  go together like two peas in a pod; they are so perfect for each other it is unbearable.  Together they form this Bohemian style that is not only easy to achieve, but looks great on everyone!   Get the look in just a few simple steps.

1.  Section hair and curl away from your face with a curling wand like the T3 Whirl Wand.

2. For a relaxed and tousled look, brush through curls with your fingers.

3. To keep hair from looking piecey, tease the ends with simple brush strokes going upward.

4. Complete the look by adding a CyndiBands glitter headband or two for a fun layered look.



Get double the glitz by wrapping a headband around your wrist.

LayeredGlitterHB Bohemian1

DIY: Locker Door Hair Tie Holder

Summer is sadly coming to an end, and the inevitable is just around the corner- going back to school. Beat the back to school blues and embrace it by creating a fun DIY back-to-school project.  Decorate your locker with this crafty DIY locker hair tie holder and look forward to the first day of school.

Locker Door Hair tie holder

Store your elastic hair ties in style with our mini paint tin.

What you’ll need: CyndiBands mini paint tin, Hot Glue Gun, Magnet

Step 1: Place a dot of glue to the back part of the magnet.

Step 2: Paste magnet to the back of the CyndiBands mini paint tin (make sure it is placed in the center for a better hold)

Step 3: You’re done! Stick in your locker and have a hair tie at your disposal anytime.


Quick Tip: If you use up all the hair ties inside, you can refill it with a new set from our extensive selection, or pick your own colors with our pick your colors set.


My Curly Hair Diaries: 3 Steps to Healthier Curly Hair

I recently embarked on a new hair adventure in which I seek to learn about my hair type.  I have had curly hair my whole life and at times it is very difficult to embrace it because of its unknown characteristics and way of behaving.  I thought I was alone in my adventure, but as it turns out there’s a high percentage of women that also have curly hair.   This is the first of a series of blogs I will be presenting in my journey of discovery for healthy curls.

My Journey began when I ran into a blog post from A.Steed’s Life titled Curly Girl Method- Before and After.  In her posts, she discusses the curly girl method as it is introduced to her in The Curly Girl Handbook.  She explains the curly girl method and the steps required to “detox” curly hair from the harsh chemicals found in shampoos.  I was intrigued by the valuable information found in the book so; I proceeded to purchase it, and my adventure began.  I changed my routine and followed the steps below as explained thoroughly in the book.


I. Wash Hair With Only Conditioner

The first step of my trial began with me washing my hair with only conditioner.   According to this book, the sulfates found in shampoos are very harsh for your hair.   The no-poo (no shampoo) method is a way of restoring your hair from all the harsh chemicals.

My Experience: Because my hair felt odd after not using shampoo, I opted for the sulfate-free shampoo instead (also an option in the no-poo challenge).  I used Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo and so far the result has been great.  My hair feels soft, and the curls are starting to redefine.


Aveeno Shampoo

II. Dry Your Hair with a T-shirt

I know what you might be thinking with this step.  Really?  An old T-shirt?  How?  Why?  Bare with me.  When I first heard of this, I thought it was absurd.  How will drying my hair with a T-shirt benefit my hair?!  Believe it or not drying your hair with a T-shirt helps prevent frizz.  When rubbing your hair dry with a towel, you cause frizz and hair damage.

My Experience: I noticed a change almost immediately.  My hair had less frizz and did not look dry and brittle at the ends.  When I used a towel to dry my hair, my ends would dry up quickly and look brittle with a wire like texture (not cute).  My hair now dries evenly and with just the right amount of water needed to style with gel.

T shirt

III. Use fingers to untangle wet hair

In the book, it explains how using only your fingers help minimize hair breakage.   Your hair is most fragile when wet, therefore, extra precaution must be taken to avoid causing more damage.  It felt odd to untangle my hair with just my fingers, but I did it anyway.  I applied leave-in conditioner to help with the process, but it still took me longer than expected.

My Experience: I used only my fingers to untangle my hair after the first wash.  When I washed my hair again,  I had a very difficult time untangling it.  My hair was more tangled than usual (I did not know this was even possible), so back to using my wide tooth comb I went.


I have been following the steps above for about three weeks now (half way through the six week challenge).  The difference in my hair is still not noticeable to others, but it feels and looks a lot healthier to me.  Before,  the ends of my waist length hair looked brittle, straight and unhealthy.  I would style my hair in the morning and it would look fine, but by the end of the day my hair was a frizz ball! Some sections would be curly, and others would be straight.  I am still in the process, but so far I am very happy with the results.


5 Hair Styles for Healthier Hair

Do you style your hair the same way every day?  Believe it or not, you may be causing additional damage.  Styling your hair the same way every day weakens the hair shaft and causes breakage. Keep your hair healthy and add variety to your hair styles by changing your look.  Not only will your hair be healthy, but you will look cute in the process! We have created five fast and easy looks to get you started.


Make Mondays less of a drag and rock your hair with its natural texture.  Simply add your usual styling products and let air dry for an “all natural look.”




Day old washed hair holds curls easier.  Create them using a curling wand, or go for the no-heat method and sleep with rollers overnight.

*If you opt to use a curling wand, make sure you use a heat protectant!  Like the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray.




Your hair will have amazing texture by mid-week after being curled the day before.  Use that to your advantage and create a messy fishtail braid.  If your hair is starting to feel greasy, spray some dry shampoo to your roots to re-freshen and add volume.  Try Klorane Dry Shampoo, it was our #1 choice in our dry shampoo review!

*Remember to skip shampooing your hair every day to keep your hair healthy.  Follow our 4-Day challenge and notice the difference!




Add some variety to a regular bun and style it with a reverse braid and printed CyndiBands hair tie. Re-create this look by starting a french braid at the nape of your neck and tying up with the rest of your hair into a messy bun. Using a CyndiBands hair tie will help keep your hair up and prevent any additional damage done with a regular hair tie.

*For extra hold try using our Knot Trick.





It probably feels like an eternity, but it is finally wash-your-hair day again!  Give your hair a break from heat styling tools and create natural waves with braids.  Wear one-off to the side like the style below or try a waterfall braid.  With the rising popularity of braids, the possibilities are endless!

*Follow our Pinterest boards for inspiration on Braids, Up-dos and other fun things!





Weekends were made for fun!  Go wild and create any style you would like.  Feeling a little inspired to change up your hair color with out the commitment?  Try some hair chalk!

If you are out in the sun, make sure you wear a hat to protect your hair and your skin!

How To: Sarah Silverman’s Met Gala Sleek Bun

Worlds collide every year at the Met Gala with attendees from the fashion, art and entertainment industry.  The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum is notorious for being one of the most exclusive social events and biggest night for fashion.

The Red Carpet is overflowed with glamour and celebrities flaunt their gorgeous gowns, impeccable hair, and flawless make up.

Sarah Silverman was no exception; she looked stunning in her Zac Posen dress and elegant, sleek bun. Hair stylist Brett Freedman created the look by using one of our CyndiBands.


Follow the steps below to get the look:

  1. Beginning with wet hair, Freedman prepared it with Paul Mitchell mousse (from the root to ends) to give hair texture/grip, he continued with a touch of Sebastian Laminates on the ends to seal/add shine.
  2. Next, blow dry hair section by section, make sure to go up and away from the face to maintain body.
  3. Once the hair is dry, Freedman used hot Rollers to add volume and create a bend at the ends.
  4. Let rollers cool and set for 30 minutes, once they are cool brush them out with a paddle brush.
  5. Freedman created a deep side part using a rat tail comb and combed the hair towards the nape of the neck.
  6. Gather the hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with a black  CyndiBands elastic hair tie.
  7. Once secured, Freedman then wrapped the hair up and around, securing it with pins until bun was created.
  8. Finish the look with hairspray and lightly press the flat end of the rat rail comb against any fly-aways.