Introducing Cyndibands Valentine’s Day Sets

Skip the traditional greeting cards, chocolate and flowers this Valentine’s Day and give the gift of Cyndibands hair ties.  With our variety of styles and colors chances are you will find the right set for that special someone.


Say “I Love You” with our Monroe set.  A set of six solid hair ties in grey hues, a pop of red and a glitter hair tie;  the sparkle will not only be in your eyes.


Our mini paint tin in Cherry is an adorable keepsake that comes with 6 elastic hair ties in 3 solid colors and 3 Valentine’s Day inspired heart prints.



Send virtual hugs and kisses with our Juliet set.  An ombre collection of six hair ties in pinks and reds.


Spread the love with our Classic set of twelve individual Candy Conversation hair ties.


Shop the rest of our Valentine’s Day Collection here.

Black Friday 2016: Free Black Hair Ties Mega Set with Purchase


In celebration of Black Friday customers will get a Free Mega Set of 19 black Cyndibands hair ties with any purchase of $10 or more. No coupon codes necessary because all orders (of $10 or more) placed between 11/22/16 and 11/29/16 will automatically receive the free set.

Shop our Holiday Gifts, Bestselling Neutral Colors, or browse all Hair Ties and Headbands available on

Cyndibands Easter Hair Ties

We are very excited to introduce our new Easter 2015 Hair Ties! We think this is our best collection ever and look for more stylish specialty sets coming soon.

Easter 2015 Hair Ties

Easter Hair Ties 6-Packs

We’ve updated our best-selling 6 packs with new Easter inspired designs that include baby chicks and spring flowers.  The Pascal set comes with beautiful blue and green hair ties while the Tulip set has all of our favorite pastel colors.

Easter 3 Packs

Our 3-packs of hair ties are popular gifts and for Easter we are offering the Inez set with blue and green hair ties and the Lilia set with bright periwinkle, coral and yellow colors. Both sets come on adorable Spring inspired packaging that are a great addition to any Easter basket.

Easter Single Packs

These are our absolute favorite because they are the perfect Easter gift!  This set of 6 individual packs of gentle elastic hair ties each come with a different Easter inspired design.  The hair ties are the perfect mix of Easter pastels and fun spring colors.

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push-Up Liner Review

We recently teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics and made custom printed hair ties for their They’re Real Push Up Liner.  The hair ties turned out so cute we were intrigued and curious to try their new product.


At first glance, I thought it would be like any other eyeliner pen that I already owned and adding another to my collection would cause it to sit in my makeup drawer and collect dust. Boy was I wrong; I have since made this my go-to eyeliner while the others sit and collect dust.


Initially, I was under the impression this eyeliner was a LIQUID eyeliner in a pen form. Nothing new there, right? The key word here is GEL eyeliner pen. This my friend is innovative and amazing!

For your reading pleasure and valuable information, I have composed a list of pros and cons.


Travel-Friendly– Because of the packaging, this product is easy to take with you when you are traveling. There is no need pack a brush and a typical gel eyeliner in a pot. Simply throw eyeliner pen into your makeup bag, and your are set!

Long Lasting & Waterproof– When they describe this product as long lasting, it is no joke. In fact, it is so long lasting customers have asked suggestions on how to remove it completely. For swatching purposes, I placed eyeliner on my hand, and after rubbing it vigorously the product did not budge. Yes, it faded out a little, but overall the product was still on my hand.

Time Saving– You know how they say “You do not ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late?” That is not the case when you use this eyeliner, because of the tip; application is easy. No struggling with uneven wings. You can blame styling your hair for your tardiness.


Efficient– Again because of the long lasting formula, you do not have to set this eyeliner with eye shadow to make it long lasting. Saving you a step and applying your makeup becomes a much more efficient task!

Versatile– Whether you want a “natural look” or a bold cat eye look, this eyeliner can achieve it all!

Lash Hugging– The angle of the applicator tip allows product to reach the base of the eyelashes with ease; an area other eyeliners have a problem reaching. Causing eyes to look visibly larger.

Matte Finish– You know that shiny look you get with liquid eyeliners? You don’t get that with this eyeliner; the finish is matte and gorgeous.


When I first used this eyeliner, I was in total Love!  There was nothing  anyone could tell me that would make me fall out of Love.  I loved everything about it, I thought it was perfect, match made in heaven! But like any relationship, the honeymoon stage quickly came to an end.  After the first few times I used it, I noticed the product was not coming out as smoothly.  There was product build up that would clump up and small eyeliner particles would form preventing a smooth application.

I gave the eyeliner the benefit of doubt and decided to read other reviews to confirm I wasn’t the only one with this problem.  After doing some research, I read Benefit suggests squeezing out the excess product left of applicator tip to prevent product from drying.  They also suggest quickly putting cap back on your eyeliner to again, prevent it from drying out.  I must say this helped a lot and I was once again in Love.

You know how I emphasized this product was long lasting?  Well yes it is, but it is so long lasting it is hard to take off.  Yes long lasting is a good feature, but it can also be an annoying one.  After a long day of work, fighting with my gel eyeliner to come off is not how I envision ending my night.   I want a product that is long lasting but not impossible to take off.   Benefit suggest using their remover, but it is not something I have come around to purchasing.

Overall, I am still in a happy relationship with this eyeliner.  It is no wonder it has won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award.  Yes it has its cons, but I can live with them.

Additional Tips

  • Benefit Suggests to not use this liner on your waterline
  • Keep your cap on, it prevents formula from drying out and becoming clumpy.
  • For oily lids apply an eye shadow base or concealer to keep product from transferring onto lids.

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide

Our favorite time of year is right around the corner, the Holidays! It has become a CyndiBands tradition to share some of our favorite holiday gifts for you and your loved ones.

Original Beauty Blender

This sponge may look odd, and egg shaped, but it is the best tool you can use to blend your foundation and concealer.  You simply dampen the sponge with water, squeeze out the excess, and it is ready to use!  The unique shape accesses the hard to reach spots, providing you with the perfect professional makeup look finish.



Available at Sephora,, & Amazon

Rosebud Perfume Lip Balm 

This lip balm is a must-have for everyone!  This non-sticky formula helps not only with dry, chapped lips, but with ashy elbows and knees.  Oh and did we also mention it helps ease diaper rash!?


Available at Sephora,

T3 Single Pass X Hair Straightener

For the person on your list that has thick, curly and hard to manage hair!  Your hair looks only as good as your tools are.  With this hair straightener, you get the sleekest, shiniest  and straightest hair.  Read More..


Available at Sephora,, and Macy’s

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

Hands down the best product for defining eyebrows.  This formula goes on smooth, and it is completely blendable for a flawless, long lasting & natural look! Available in 8 different shades.

ABH DipBrow

Available at, Sephora, & Ulta

Maybelline Volum’ Express Pumped Up Colossal Mascara

I have tried several different types of mascaras both high end and drugstore brands, and I must say this mascara has been one of the best ones with both price and quality.  It gives my eyelashes volume and length without clumping up while holding the curl.  Simply amazing and a great stocking stuffer!



Available at Target,, Ulta



Personalize your gifts and make them extra special by adding a CyndiBands Gift Tag.  These Cute hair ties come in a set of five individually packed hair ties with a select color scheme and five different colors and prints.


Introducing CyndiBands Holiday 2014 Collection

We are very excited to launch our new Holiday Collection.  This year our Holiday packaging is cuter than ever!  There’s a set for every style and taste.  Whether you like the vibrant holiday hues or prefer the traditional ones, there’s something for everyone!



A popular Holiday trend this year is vibrant hues of turquoise and red combined to create a modern yet sophisticated Holiday look.  Our Holiday collection features hair ties in this color combo with beautifully designed, matching packaging.

Annika 5 Pack of Hair Ties

Making its debut this year is our set Annika.  A set of six hair ties with 5 solid colors in Turquoise, Peacock, Light Silver, White, Red and an accent polka dot printed hair tie.



Holiday Gift Tags in Berry

Already a best seller on is our Berry set of five individually packaged gift tags.  These cute and adorable gift tags allow you to personalize your gift  in style while giving a sampler of our fabulous hair ties. For easy placement simply use the attached silver cord to tie or hang from a gift bow or gift bag.  Additional colors and styles  available.


 Christmas Ornament with Hair Ties in Joy

Welcome the holiday season with Joy, a clear,  plastic and re-usable  ornament.  Complete with six hair ties in printed and solid colors and closed off with a sheer, red bow.  Hang as decoration on your Christmas tree with the metallic silver cord.  Additional colors available.




For the rest of our Holiday Collection visit

5 Fun & Easy Workouts + Hairstyles

We get it, you are not a gym type of girl and neither are we, but who said you have to go to the gym to workout?  We looked for some alternatives and have discovered there are other ways to get your heart pumping outside of the gym.

Hula Hoop

Yes, you read it right, hula hoop.  Re-visit a childhood activity with a weighted hula hoop and hula your way into being fit.  All you need is a weighted hula hoop and your favorite TV show.  You can complete this activity in your living room or  your backyard.

Wear your hair with two side braids and a bun.  For a chic look and extra hold, layer CyndiBands headbands.


Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing class, a two in one kind of activity.  This high-energy workout will not only help you burn calories and fat, but you will brush up on your self-defense skills that can come in handy at any given moment.

Wear your hair in two boxer braids to keep away from your face.  Your focus will be on circuits and strengthening exercises instead of your hair.

BONUS! Look extra cute and match your CyndiBands hair ties to your outfit!




Wear your hair in a high ponytail and braid and take your cardio outside.  Yes, you can run at the gym on the treadmill but how boring is that?  Go for a jog around your neighborhood or at a nearby track. Not only is it refreshing, but you have the chance of meeting new people.



BONUS! Throw on a headband for extra hold.

Dance Class

With the rising popularity of Zumba, it is easier than ever to burn calories while learning new dance moves. A fun, high energy class that will help you burn up to 1,000 calories without realizing it! Too shy to attend a class? No worries, there are various DVDs available for purchase, so that you can do Zumba in the comfort of your home.

Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. For extra hold, layer two CyndiBands hair ties and use our Knot Trick for a tight fit that will last throughout your workout.




There are many benefits from doing Yoga and getting fit is just one of them.  Bored of the same Yoga class?  Stay engaged by trying different variations of Yoga that can provide a new experience each time.

To keep hair away from your face, wear your hair in this braided bun.