How To: Sarah Silverman’s Met Gala Sleek Bun

Worlds collide every year at the Met Gala with attendees from the fashion, art and entertainment industry.  The annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum is notorious for being one of the most exclusive social events and biggest night for fashion.

The Red Carpet is overflowed with glamour and celebrities flaunt their gorgeous gowns, impeccable hair, and flawless make up.

Sarah Silverman was no exception; she looked stunning in her Zac Posen dress and elegant, sleek bun. Hair stylist Brett Freedman created the look by using one of our CyndiBands.


Follow the steps below to get the look:

  1. Beginning with wet hair, Freedman prepared it with Paul Mitchell mousse (from the root to ends) to give hair texture/grip, he continued with a touch of Sebastian Laminates on the ends to seal/add shine.
  2. Next, blow dry hair section by section, make sure to go up and away from the face to maintain body.
  3. Once the hair is dry, Freedman used hot Rollers to add volume and create a bend at the ends.
  4. Let rollers cool and set for 30 minutes, once they are cool brush them out with a paddle brush.
  5. Freedman created a deep side part using a rat tail comb and combed the hair towards the nape of the neck.
  6. Gather the hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with a black  CyndiBands elastic hair tie.
  7. Once secured, Freedman then wrapped the hair up and around, securing it with pins until bun was created.
  8. Finish the look with hairspray and lightly press the flat end of the rat rail comb against any fly-aways.

DIY: Flower Headband For Music Festivals

Floral headbands are all the rage at music festivals right now. The trend became popularized by celebrities such as Lana Del Rey and have since been seen on a number of other A-listers such as Bella Horne and Vanessa Hudgens. lana-del-rey-floral-headband Bella Thorne and Vanessa Hudgens


In the spirit of the music Festival, Coachella, in Indio California this weekend, we created our own floral headband.  Follow the steps below and make your own headband at home using our CyndiBands headband!


1) Cut flower at base and remove completely from the stem.  Flower must lay flat, leftover stem may cause flower to be flimsy.

2) Apply a small drop of glue to the back of first flower and glue at the center of the untied headband.

3) Take two flowers and glue petals together by placing a small drop of glue on the outside of the petals.

4) Grab the two flowers that are now glued-together from the petals.  Apply a drop of glue to the back of each flower and place on the headband, to the right of the centered flower (about an inch apart from each other).

5) Repeat steps 3 and 4. This time, glue the remaining two flowers to the left of the centered flower.

6) Re-tie headband with a single knot and adjust to fit.  Your flower headband is ready to wear!

For added effect, you can glue leaves on headband between every other flower.


These headbands were so cute; we could not just make one!  Below is a picture of another version of our floral headband using white flowers and silver headband.

Floral hb


How To: Kristen Cavallari’s Oscars Look

“Beauty lies in simplicity” was proven to be true when it came to Kristen Cavallari’s Oscars 2014 look. The star showed off her baby bump in a beautiful Alexander McQueen goddess-like dress which was complimented by an elegant bun. Hair stylist Scott Cunha created Cavallari’s effortlessly chic look.


Follow this step-by-step guide to recreate the look.

1. Beginning with damp hair, spray Normant Volumizer at the roots, then blow dry with the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer creating the volume desired without too much back-combing.

2. Next, using the T3 SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron, create waves throughout the hair focusing specifically around the hairline.

3. For texture, spray dry shampoo around the entire head.

4. Then, while scrunching the hair to create lift and texture, spray Serge Normant dry oil around the entire head, focusing on the hairline.

5. Using a T3 Rat Tail Comb, section the hair beginning at the top of the ear (leaving the front of the hair out) and pull hair into a ponytail using a neutral colored CyndiBands elastic hair tie.

6. Lightly pin the remaining front hair in separate sections to create un-teased volume.

7. Finally, pin the ponytail into a loose, textured bun, removing several pieces with the T3 Rat Tail Comb for it to be slightly undone.

How To: Olga Kurylenko Oscars Red Carpet Up-Do

Olga Kurylenko looked flawless on the red carpet for the 2014 Academy Awards. Her ‘natural, disheveled, ballerina bun’ perfectly complimented her eco-friendly gown, showed off her gorgeous face and was created using CyndiBands neutral color hair ties.  John Ruggiero created this look for Sunday’s drizzly Oscars event and said “Frizz or fly-aways caused by the weather will only accent this look.


Get Olga’s Oscars look by following our step-by-step guide:

  1. John began by applying texturizing cream then used the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer to blow out fly-aways along the hair line.
  2. Next, he used the T3 SinglePass Whirl Wand to create S waves around the whole head.
  3. John then used his hands to shake out the waves to create texture.
  4. Next, he pulled all the hair up into a ponytail at the middle of the head. John secured the ponytail with a neutral colored CyndiBands elastic hair tie
  5. He then created a rope braid, and using his fingers, pulled apart the braid.
  6. He then used a T3 Carbon Comb to back comb the braid to create loose texture, allowing the wave to still show.
  7. Next, John wrapped the braid into a bun securing with hair pins.

Tools Used

More Magazine: What Hair Pros Really Use on Their Hair

Have you picked up the latest More magazine? This month’s (February 2014) edition features the beautiful Courteney Cox and includes great articles full of hair and fashion tips for all types of looks. My favorite article unleashes the hair secrets of five beauty professionals in “What Hair Pros Really Use on Their Hair.” I love when A-list stylists share their hair tips and other beauty secrets to help me get the same look I see on their celebrity clients.

Stylist, Jen Atkin, whose client base includes stars such as Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, and Sofia Vergara, shared some of her favorite hair products she uses regularly, one of which was our very own CyndiBands!

Atkin explained, “For workouts, I wrap a CyndiBands elastic around my ponytail because it won’t leave a crease. Then, after I’m done exercising I don’t have to wash and restyle. I just take out the band, flip my hair upside down while bending at the waist and spray the roots and ends with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spry. The results are amazing.”


 If A-list stylist Jen Atkin loves using CyndiBands to help hold her hair back during a workout you should try one too! Don’t forget CyndiBands also come in CyndiBands headbands as well to hold back bangs and flyaways during an intense gym session.

How To: Get Colbie Caillat’s 2014 Grammys Hair

Colbie Caillat looked stunning at last night’s 2014 Grammy Awards. From her knockout red dress to her sultry eye makeup and sexy top knot, Colbie was not lacking attention among many of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars.

Colbie Caillat

Glamour’s Beauty and lifestyle writer, Beth Shapouri, even chose Cobie as one of her finalists for best hair and makeup of the Red Carpet.


Hair Stylist Torsten Witte created Colbie’s messy, reverse-braided topknot hairstyle for the big night. You can get Coblie’s sexy look too by following these step-by-step instructions:

1) Beginning with damp hair, blow dry the hair with T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer and then straighten it with the T3 Fahrenheit 450 Flat Iron.

2) Next, create a diagonal reverse-braid beginning at the nape of the neck, under the right ear, and continue to the top of the head. Tie off braid with a CyndiBands elastic hair tie.

3) Once the reverse-braid is tied, gather the remaining loose hair and the braid together at the top of the head into a high ponytail using another CyndiBands elastic hair tie.

4) Securing with hair pins, wrap the ponytail and braid into a messy topknot and finish with a light hair spray to keep hair in place but still maintaining a “messy” look.

Tools Needed: T3 Evolution LongLife, T3 Fahrenheit 450 Flat Iron, CyndiBands elastic hair ties.

Sierra Wears CyndiBands on X-Factor Finale 2013

Sierra Deaton of Alex & Sierra, the winners of X-Factor 2013, looked amazing wearing our CyndiBands Elastic Headbands in the opening number of the finale performance on December 12, 2013.

Stylist Dean Banowetz created this look for Sierra, which she wore during  the “We Will Rock You” performance with all 3 finalists. Dean used the topstyler to create waves, pulled her hair back in a ponytail and added a black CyndiBands headband to complete the look.